Custom kitchen with different front colours

Unlock your home’s potential with our inspiring colours & finishes

Unlock your home potential with our designs. Discover our inspiring, timeless and elegant colours.

Print design for your doors and drawers’ front panels

Original and unique design to bring a decorative touch to your project.

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Mix & match the different colours

When creating your dream kitchen, colour is a crucial element that can make a big impact.
Whether you’re looking for a unique shade or want to make a bold statement with multiple colours, we’ve got you covered.

Never go out of fashion; infinite
colour choices at Schmidt!

Pick your colour palette

Choose up to three colours & finishes on the same furniture with our colour mix feature.
More than 200,000 combinations – let your imagination run free.

Dare to be bold and add some metallic & earthy effect to bring texture to your dream project

Combine special effects & textures
with plain colours to add character to your design.

Wood: warm & authentic

With deep brown accent, dark wood adds
character to any décor.

Wood finishes: chic and elegant

Choose a wood finish to enhance
your design and bring that elegant touch to your project.

Unveil Your Dream Kitchen with Schmidt

Experience the thrill of creating a kitchen that truly embodies your personality. Let Schmidt be your guide as you embark on a journey to design a kitchen that’s not only functional but also a visual delight.

Unleash your creativity, embrace colours, and blend materials to craft a kitchen that beckons you back for more – a space where culinary magic and aesthetic beauty seamlessly converge.

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