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Schmidt Beaconsfield offers premium living space transformations, specialising in kitchen, living room, wardrobes and bathroom designs. With over six decades of expertise, Schmidt brand showcases the epitome of quality, elegance, and functionality in living space solutions.

Jai Dhana

Manager of Schmidt Beaconsfield

“Our kitchen studio was
born from a passion to
inspire creativity, foster
connections, and
champion sustainability
through thoughtful design,
community engagement,
and impeccable

Customer Projects

Bright Fitted Shaker Kitchen

With intricate attention to detail, this open living-shaker kitchen space has clever storage units that combine seamlessly with white marble. The result is a classic bespoke space with a sense of openness.

Modern Shaker Kitchen

Making the most out of this space, this bespoke kitchen combines beautiful shaker details with modern storage solutions. As our bespoke solutions are designed to the millimetre, no space is left unused here.

Functional Living Room TV Unit

Sleek and modern, this Living Room TV Unit was made to measure to one of our amazing clients. With its bespoke design, it perfectly suits the space, and has storage units that accommodate any arrangements.

Black modern Kitchen with Wood Accents

Displaying our beautiful Bosca Cassis collection, this kitchen is perfect for entertaining. The fitted storage units make perfect use of the space, while the large island makes hosting friends and family a breeze.

Modern Black Stone Kitchen

This kitchen design highlights the beautiful stone on the kitchen island, and features modern fitted storage with a mirrored display for beautiful cups and décor items.

Modern Kitchen with Island

This modern kitchen makes the most out of the space, with minimalist
fitted storage solutions, that extend all the way to the kitchen island, a
highlight of the space that adds functionality and character.

Sleek Kitchen Design

Designed to be functional, this traditional kitchen has bespoke storage all around, and a large kitchen island, perfect to accommodate a whole family.

Minimalist Grey Office

This bespoke office space was designed down to the milimetre, making the most out of our client’s space. The grey bi-fold doors add design, flair and functionality to the tall storage units.

Stunning Living Room Unit

This bespoke living room unit serves as a dry bar. The tall glass cabinets are ideal for storing your finest glassware and showcasing your best decorations. Incorporate marble and wood-effect panels to create a timeless statement.

Bespoke Kitchen with Black Stone

With fitted appliances, this beautiful fitted modern kitchen makes the most out of the available space, while the veined stone counter top adds a touch of luxury.

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Showroom team


The visionary owner of our studio, brings a diverse background in project management, construction, and accounting to his leadership role. As a successful property developer, Agron recognizes the significance of timely project completion and staying within budget, as well as prioritizing customer service throughout the entire experience.


A distinguished interior designer with a flair for creativity and an eye for detail, Hannah crafts bespoke interior spaces that exude elegance and functionality. Her passion for design excellence is evident in every project she undertakes, as she seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality to create captivating environments for her clients.


A project manager with 10 years of expertise in the kitchen studio realm. With an aptitude for overseeing seamless operations, Alan ensures every project is executed flawlessly from concept to completion, delivering exceptional service.


A seasoned professional with over 20 years of diverse experience in the kitchen and interiors industry. From managing operations to cultivating high-performing teams capable of achieving outstanding results, his aim is to provide unmatched service and consistently surpass client expectations.

The best for your kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom project.

Our team of experienced professionals is ready to provide personalised consultations. We take the time to understand your preferences and offer recommendations that align with your vision and lifestyle.

From the initial concept to the final finishes, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Our approach is hands-on and personalised, and we take the time to understand your space requirements and design preferences. Our experts will meticulously measure your kitchen space, ensuring that every inch is utilised efficiently.

From more modern and minimal designs, to shaker styles, prints and rich textures, Schmidt Beaconsfield is ready to tackle any project, from the first consultation, to the bespoke design of your space, to the fitting and installation of your dream home.

We are proud to offer our customers the assurance of durability and quality. Our projects are built to last, with special 25-year guarantees on drawer runners and hinges, and a 10 year guarantee on bespoke furniture. This commitment to quality ensures that your kitchen investment brings lasting value and enjoyment of your new space for years to come.

What we do


At Schmidt we go beyond kitchens. We work with you to make every space in your home a happy one. Let’s design the way you live, together.

Let us show you what we can do about your interior.

The Schmidt experience

Single point of contact

A dedicated designer that knows your project inside out, will manage everything.

Personalised advice

We’ll work closely with you to unlock the hidden potential in your home.

Free quotation & VR

Your project will come to life with a free detailed quote, 3D renders and VR experience.

Peace of mind

We’ll be with you from the initial planning to installation, and beyond.

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