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At SCHMIDT showroom located in Loughton, we are the one-stop kitchen lounge that offers you all the kitchen, bathroom, living room and wardrobe solutions. We have endless options of styles and finishes and a 60-year experience making us the best company to make your dream a reality.

Customer Projects

Fitted kitchen for Mr. & Mrs. B.

Fitted kitchen for Mr. & Mrs. B.

Fitted kitchen for Mr. & Mrs. N. W.

The best for your kitchen, wardrobe or bathroom project.

We can offer free and detailed quotes for all your kitchen, bathroom, and home living solutions. For your bespoke kitchen solutions, we understand that you need a fully equipped kitchen that has been outlined to their exact specifications. Whether you are figuring out having your kitchen outlined with a graphical Scandinavian look, or even a New York inspired, we got you covered. We are expert in interior outline and we also have limitless appliances just for you. The appliances range from ovens, microwaves to hobs. We will choose the right sink or a mixer tap combination such as the inset, flush fit or the under-mount for your kitchen in an ergonomic outline that is easy to maintain.

Also, we have products that range from modern to a classic look and we choose the best combination that will give your room a contemporary, elegant and classy look. Are you looking for the best colour for your kitchen and any other appliances? All thanks to our pallet as we got it ready for you. The list of things you can find and even quote without making any payment is endless. We know we are the best and our team that is composed of professionals will be on hand to help make your dream of having an elegant and extant kitchen and your interior turn into a reality. For these and much more, contact the SCHMIDT Loughton and we will be ready to work together with you.
See you soon in your Loughton kitchen store!

What we do


At Schmidt we go beyond kitchens. We work with you to make every space in your home a happy one. Let’s design the way you live, together.

Let us show you what we can do about your interior.

The Schmidt experience

Single point of contact

A dedicated designer that knows your project inside out, will manage everything.

Personalised advice

We’ll work closely with you to unlock the hidden potential in your home.

Free quotation & VR

Your project will come to life with a free detailed quote, 3D renders and VR experience.

Peace of mind

We’ll be with you from the initial planning to installation, and beyond.

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